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Intelligent Studding Robot

Studding robot

Intelligent Studding Robot FAS-300

Since our successful manufacturing of the stud press, we got inquiries for manufacturing of a machine for automatic insertion of studs/spikes into winter tires. Customers requested several improvement points to ensure quality in studding, fast setup and ease-of-use. This was achieved by using modern technology and state of the art components.


Quality in studding is ensured by:

  • Touch less 3D laser vision scanning to accurately find hole position data
  • Post studding scan to ensure 100% studding and protrusion
  • Tilting stud gun to make sure you always insert the stud/spike perpendicular to the tyre tread, no matter what tyre width is used.

Fast setup is obtained by:

  • Touch less 3D laser vision scanning to find hole position in less than 10s.
  • Save your pre-scanned tires to your log.
  • No need for manual setup work or other time wasting operations.

Ease of use is obtained by:

  • Touch panel with intuitive communication interface
  • Touch less 3D laser vision scanning to find hole position. No teaching made by human.
  • Bandconveyor for easy automatic loading and unloading of tires.