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Renovations and repairs


Components for Eccentric Presses, Extruder Screws and Machine Parts

Eccentric presses

One-piece production is not something that Klöfver AB is unfamiliar with. As an experienced manufacturer of smaller eccentric presses, we often get jobs to manufacture new components for larger eccentric presses. Eccentric axles are a precision product that Klöfver has successfully supplied the Swedish market with.

Extruder screws

Screws for plastic and rubber extruders sometimes come off at the drive end. We turn the screw clean and weld on a new drive end with keyways or splines.

Machine details

Turning of crane arm. Our lathe takes up to Ø1400mm. Holmar el. booms for injection molding machines and injection molding machines up to 5m long have been successfully repaired.

welder welding a new drive end on an extruder screw

Extruder screws

Crane arm turned in a lathe

Machine details